Soccer Picture Times


Team Name League COACH Sponsor Name Time
Los Angeles  Sr Boys Perry Grabois West Ave Grille 8:00am
Washington  Sr Girls Shlom Vildbaum Corporate Sedan Service 8:00am
San Francisco Sr Girls David Van Sweiten World of Animals Vetrinary Hospital 8:00am
Micro 9:00am Micro F. Wolfgang First Class Dental PA/ Andrew B. Cohen, D.M.D 8:30am
Washington  Sr Boys Eric Grant Dick's Sporting Goods 9:00am
New Orleans  Sr Boys Rob Link John's Repair Shop 9:00am
New York Sr Girls Mike Gould John's Repair Shop 9:00am
Micro 10:00am Micro F. Wolfgang   9:30am
Italy  Int Boys Brian Cronin Tony Luke's 10:15am
England  Int Boys Mark Keegan Baker Wealth Management 10:15am
Micro 11:00am Micro F. Wolfgang   10:30am
Newcastle  Jr Boys Joe Tate Wawa 10:30am
Barcelona  Jr Boys Sophia O'Hagan Taire Salon 10:30am
Japan  Int Boys John Spoerl Dr. Michael Roth, D.D.S 11:15am
USA  Int Boys Perry Grabois Richard W. Sauder Architects 11:15am
Madrid  Jr Boys Andrew Brown Huntingdon Valley Chiropractic 11:30am
Roma  Jr Boys Marc Ammaturo Dick's Sporting Goods 11:30am
Roma  Jr Girls Lex MacPhee State Rep Tom Murt 11:40am
Liverpool  Jr Girls Rob Hughes EZ Storage 11:40am
Brazil  Int Boys Gregg Uliano Plan B Engineering 12:10pm
Holland  Int Boys   Rieker's Prime Meats 12:10pm
Italy  Jr Girls Ken O'Brien Action Karate 12:35pm
Chelsea  Jr Girls Craig Chernoff Ben and Irv's 12:35pm
United  Jr Boys Nathan Murawsky Fellah Auto Group 12:45pm
Chelsea  Jr Boys Jeff Lincow Lawless Heating & Air 12:45pm
New York     Sr Boys Ian Schacter MTG IT Professionals 1:00pm
Denver    Sr Boys Lex MacPhee Lee's Hoagie House 1:00pm
San Francisco     Sr Boys Jan Margolis Season's Pizza 1:00pm
Denver     Sr Girls Jay Thayakaran Zalig Stein, LLC 1:30PM
Seattle     Sr Girls Stan Cheiken Senator Stewart J. Greenleaf 1:30pm
Dortmund  Jr Boys Gerry Greenleaf Arctic Air- Auto Parts 1:50pm
Liverpool  Jr Boys Jeff Brown Baker Wealth Management 1:50pm
Milan  Jr Girls Kevin Anderson Goose's Girls 2:00pm
Seattle  Jr Girls Kerrin Wasserstrom Modell's Sporting Goods 2:00pm
Brazil  Int Girls Mitch Chartock Fred's Footballers 2:45pm
Japan  Int Girls Tom Moore TD Bank 2:45pm
Holland  Int Girls Hugh Allen The RunAround 3:50pm
USA  Int Girls Tim Lennon First Class Dental PA/ Andrew B. Cohen, D.M.D 3:50pm



Age Name Coach Game Time Picture Time
U9 Boys HVAA 07 Boomer 11:20 Albidale 10am
U10 Boys Force Linder no game 11am
U10 Boys En Fuego Schultz no game 11am
U11 Boys Fire Boomer 11:40 away 10am
U12 Boys Real LM McPhee 1:30 away 11:30am
U13 Boys Hornets  Brown 12noon VCP 10:30am
U14 Boys Stingers Johns/Watanabe 4:30 VCP 3pm
U15 Boys   Grosso ???? ????
U9 Girls Thunder Miller 9am Albidale 10:30am
U10 Girls Fire Shewbrooks 10:10 Albidale 9am
U11 Girls Phoenix Lennon 2:20 away 12:30pm
U12 Girls Swarm Redican/Boomer 10:20 away 9am
U13 Girls Fury Malpezzi/DeMartinis no game 1pm
U14 Girls Lions Van Zweiten 1:30 VCP 12noon
U16 Girls Freedom Gomez ???? ????
U17 Girls Lightning Giampaolo no game 1pm
U17 Girls Daimonds Wolfgang ???? ????


Link to Coaches/Trainers Required Clearances

Click HERE for detailed instructions on how to apply for the clearances needed to coach/train for HVAA.  Please send any questions to

Fall 2015 In-house Soccer Schedules
 In-House Soccer Fall 2015

In-House Soccer Fall 2015 Standings

HVAA Soccer

HVAA soccer intramural programs are open to kids from 4 to 14 years of age as of 9/1 and is played in the fall.  The season begins in September and ends in November.

The program divides the kids into  4 leagues;

Micro Soccer:  This is a co-ed program for kids ages 4 and 5 and is played on a smaller, modified field with 3 or 4 kids per side. There are no goalies and the sessions are 1 hour on Saturday mornings. 

Junior League: For kids ages 6 and 7 and is played 6 a side (6 v 6) with set teams, coaches and referees on a small sided field. Boys and girls play in different leagues with a size 3 soccer ball.

Intermediate League: For kids ages 8,9 and 10 and is played 8 a side (8 v 8) with set teams, coaches and referees on a regulation size field. Boys and girls play in different leagues with a size 4 soccer ball.

Senior League: For kids ages 11 through 14  and is played 9 per side (9 v 9) with set teams, coaches and referees on a regulation size field. Boys and girls play in different leagues with a size 5 soccer ball.
Because of the 4 year age disparity in this league, we suggest that if you are heading into the 9th grade, and are a high school level soccer player (Varsity or JV), to not play in this league.

HVAA depends on volunteer coaches to assist with the running of our sports. With each season, we seek motivated, conscientious volunteers to assist us with the task of coaching our players. The success of the leagues depends on our volunteer coaches and assistants.


Concession Stand at Levy Pavilion in Albidale Park

HV snAAck shak

The HV snAAck shak is open during soccer season!  Stop by and help support HVAA.

Parent and student volunteers are needed to help, please contact Amy Uliano at to submit your name as a volunteer. Volunteer students earn school approved community service hours.

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