2016-17 Basketball Season
HVAA 2016-17 In-House Basketball
Start Dates:
Intro to Basketball K-1 Starts 1/7
2/3 Boys & Girls Starts 1/14
4/5 Boys Starts 1/15
4/5 Girls Starts 1/14
678 Girls Starts 1/7
6th Grade Boys 1/14
7/8 Boys Starts 1/8
9-12 Boys Starts 1/15
K-1 Intro to Basketball
Great way to get your child started in Basketball
Only meets once a week
Saturday Mornings focusing on the basic skills of basketball
Taught by experienced trainers
Still Can Join!!
Any Questions or concerns, please email me at:
Thank You
Lex MacPhee
Director of Basketball
In-House Basketball 2016-2017
 In-House Basketball Winter 2016-2017

In-House Basketball Winter 2016-2017 Standings

Gym Rules - Safety, Security, Respect

Parking at Murray Avenue

 All participants in activities using the Murray Avenue gym must park in the rear parking lot. All drop-offs and pick-ups should be done using the rear parking lot (entrance from Red Lion Road). Parking along Murray Avenue east side or blocking driveways on the west side will result in ticketing ot towing.
There is no food or drink permitted inside the gyms. Only participants and coaches are permitted drinks. Spectator may consume food and drinks in lobby areas.
Safe Schools 
Doors to Murray Avenes and Lower Moreland High School may not be propped open. Lower Moreland School District practices a "safe schools" program for our children and the proping of doors allows unlimited access to school buuildings.
No access is permitted to areas other than the lobby and gym. Items in closets or adjacent areas are not the property of HVAA and should not be accessed or used.
Thank you for your cooperation in these matters.

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