2017-18 Basketball Season

HVAA 2017-18 In-House Basketball

Boys and Girls Leagues

2nd Grade - 12th Grade

Intro to Basketball For Kindergarten and 1st Graders

Leagues for:

2nd & 3rd Grade Girls

2nd & 3rd Grade Boys

4th & 5th Grade Girls

4th & 5th Grade Boys

6th, 7th & 8th Grade Girls

6th Grade Boys

7th & 8th Grade Boys

9th -12th Grade Boys

9th-12th Grade Girls Depending on #'s 

Important Dates:

Team assignments Middle of December for all leagues except K-1 and 9th-12th

First Games Weekend of January 6th

Championship Week / Leagues End March 12th - 18th

Early Registration Runs from October 2nd to November 1st

Registration closes November 27th for all leagues except:

K-1st and senior leagues 9th -12th




Any Questions or concerns, please email me at:


Thank You

Lex MacPhee

Director of Basketball