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First, one important housekeeping item.  For any HVAA baseball team - ANY - the age cutoff is MAY 1.  For example, if your child is 10 prior to May 1 of the year, they will play in the Minors (see In-House Baseball Program tab above for description of Minors division).  If this same child turns 11 AFTER May 1, no matter, they will still play in Minors that season.  The following season, they will then advance to Majors.  It is extremely rare that a child will not play in their respective age group.  Exceptions must be approved by the Baseball Director.

Once you determine your child's league age, there are two options for youth baseball players in HVAA.  The first option is our in-house baseball program - the backbone of our basball organization.  This community based league generally plays games on weekdays and Saturdays from late March through June.  For more detailed information on the in-house program, please see the drop down menu above under "In-House Baseball Program."

The second option is travel baseball.  From ages 8-12, this season runs concurrently with the in-house program.  However, to play travel baseball, you must play in-house baseball.  Why?  For two reasons.   First, the more players who play in-house, the better the competition and experience for all.  We are a small community and need all the eligible players we can get to come out and play within the community.  Second, Cal Ripken, our national organization, mandates that all district tournament players also play in-house baseball (largely for the same reason - to build the community program from within).  And, since we aim to enter teams every June in the Cal Ripken Tournament, we need all of our players to participate in the in-house program.  For more infomtion on all of our travel programs, please consult the relevant tabs above.

Below is a quick reference chart to help understand the various baseball offerings.  





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