Parking & Trespassing Announcement



HVAA Families,


As the soccer season has begun, the Albidale community around Lower Moreland Park has experienced a higher volume of traffic and cases of trespassing on their private property. Drive slowly and cautiously while driving in the neighborhood and parking lots at Lower Moreland Park. As the parking lots fill up, please use the available street parking. However, blocking driveways and ignoring restrictions in no parking areas are strictly prohibited. Also, be sure to respect the community's property and privacy. You should never trespass on private property. Passing through a private backyard to get to the park is trespassing and is strictly prohibited.


Our Lower Moreland Police Department has been recently notified about recent violations. Remember:


  • No one is permitted to block someone’s driveway. 
  • No one is permitted to make it hard for our neighbors to get their vehicles out of their driveway. 
  • No one is permitted to ignore a No Parking Sign or Handicap Parking Sign.
  • No one is permitted to trespass on private property including running or walking through back yards and front yards.


The Lower Moreland Police Department will be monitoring the parking and trespassing that is occuring more frequently at Lower Moreland Park and in the Albidale Community during HVAA games and practices. Anyone violating the parking rules is subject to being ticketed and/or towed. 


Huntingdon Valley Athletic Association sincerely thanks you for your assistance and cooperation.



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