HVAA Hornets U11 HVAA Travel Soccer 2012 2013
(born pre 8-1-02)

 HVAA Hornets


  • Play and enjoy soccer.  We will focus on teamwork as we are pass possession team.  We focus on the ground game with give and go’s, through balls, and trails.  I want the kids to support each other offering encouragement.  It would be great to see them play together as a team until they move on to high school where they become team leaders.
  • Technical goals: We will focus on technical footwork, possession passing, volleys and field awareness.  We’ll do this through drills and plenty of 1 v 1 to 3 v 3 situations.  Juggling will be encouraged.  

Leagues and Tournament Play

  • Fall – We will play in the ICSL league.
  • Tournaments – We will play in three to four tournaments.
  • Winter – We will play at least 1 of the 2 winter indoor leagues.
  • Spring – We will play in the Rock Spring League and possibly CUPS instead of a tournament.
  • Summer - Pickup soccer and team camp
  • Some kids have other sports they play during the winter or spring. If your child needs to make that sport a priority, or miss some of a non-fall soccer season, that is fine.  


  • We will practice two to three times per week in the fall.  We will practice two times per week in the spring.  We will have a team camp before the fall season begins.
  • I’ve found that the kids who practice hard tend to be the kids who show it in games.


  • All players are highly encouraged to attend a soccer camp.  This gives them a different point of view and a solid week of progression through training.  We will also have a team camp in August

Game Playing Time

  • This is not in-house soccer. We play to win in the fall and in tournaments.  There will be kids will have less playing time than others.  In spring and winter sessions, we will make an effort for each kid to get at least 50% playing time.  Kids who play less are encouraged to also play on an in-house soccer team in the fall.


  • Tryouts will be before the end of the school season.  Kids will have an equal chance to make the team based on skills, athleticism, commitment, field awareness, and attitude.  

Parent Goals

  • Talk positively with their boys before and after practice and games.  Supply transportation, equipment, and water.  Help with the offside flags at games.  Assist with organization of special events.


Feel free to contact me with questions and comments.  – jeff.c.brown@gmail.com c. 215.840.2031



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